How an extra $250 could potentially save you $1,725 in LMI.

If you are a first home buyer you may have heard the term Lenders Mortgage Insurance be mentioned.   In this post I will unpack Lenders Mortgage Insurance, outlining how it is paid, why we have to pay it, the benefits of lenders mortgage insurance as well as tips to reduce it.   What is […]

Commercial Loan Products Explained – Lease Doc Lending

Commercial Property

In today’s article we unpack a commercial property loan product known as a “Lease Doc” loan.  When we start talking about commercial property, we start to hear terms we are unfamiliar with such as WALE, lease doc, un-regulated. Today we are breaking down a type of product in the commercial space known as lease doc […]

Leveraging Debt Consolidation: Achieve Savings by Restructuring Your Loans


As the Financial Times recently observed, “Rising living costs are pressing more and more households into the confines of financial strain, thus making efficient debt management an absolute necessity.” In our endeavour to finance our lifestyles or significant investments, it’s easy to accumulate various kinds of debt, including credit cards and personal loans. While managed […]

Navigating the Rising Tide: The Importance of Regularly Reviewing Your Home Loan Rate

experienced sydney brokers talking about home lending

As the famous saying goes, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”. With the current turbulence in the market, navigating through the financial waters requires knowledge, foresight, and timely action. Now more than ever, reviewing your home loan rate regularly is crucial. With rising rates in the current market environment, many homeowners are unwittingly […]

Are you prepared for a rate rise?

data graph showing chart rise and fall

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll probably have seen speculation about when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will increase the official cash rate (OCR). Economists at the big four banks are now tipping an imminent rate hike, with ANZ and NAB predicting an increase this month and Westpac and NAB predicting June. If […]